Amherst, New Hampshire’s Full Service Personal Injury Law Firm

At Buckley Law Offices, we have been helping personal injury victims across New Hampshire get justice and compensation for their injuries for over twenty years, offering a full array of Amherst legal services. We’re dedicated to personal injury victims, and while it’s a good day in the office when we’ve won big for one of our clients, we are just as motivated when we’re putting in the hard work between wins. We know what we can do for our clients because we’ve done it before.

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Though most personal injury cases are car accident or car crash cases, there is far more to personal injury than automobiles. A personal injury can happen anywhere: from the grocery store to a neighbor’s house. We have helped clients with injuries sustained at work, on a motorcycle, while using a faulty product, and everything in between. We offer a full range of legal services to the Amherst, NH, and surrounding community. However, we have taken the time to elaborate on some of the case types we commonly see below.

Always Seek a Consultation

We understand the impulse to figure out your situation on your own before consulting a lawyer. However, we have set up our initial consultation in such a way that there is no obligation to you, even if you decide you do not want to pursue a case with us. It is always important to get legal advice tailored to your situation from an experienced lawyer. Let us put over two decades of experience to work for you, for free, today. Schedule a consultation now.