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What happened during your car crash? Speak with an Amherst Car Crash Lawyer.

We know that car crashes can happen in an instant but leave long-lasting injuries and financial burdens. With over twenty years of experience, we actually know a lot about car crashes and car accident lawsuits. What we don’t know is: what happened during your car crash? Speak with an Amherst car crash lawyer today.

To every car accident victim in New Hampshire, we offer a free initial case review. That means that we want to hear your story, at no charge. We do this for car accident victims because we know the last thing you need during this time is a bill just to ask for help. If we think we can help you with your case, we do not charge a single penny until we win compensation for your injuries.

There are many types of car accidents, and unfortunately, we’ve seen many of those types of car accidents occur in Amherst, New Hampshire. You may be familiar with the classic fender bender, which is often referred to as a rear-end collision. If you have been hit in a rear-end collision, you are not usually at fault. However, if you believe you are not at fault for the crash and have suffered injuries, always call a personal injury lawyer before giving up.

T-Bone collisions, head-on collisions, and sideswiped are common especially on residential and neighborhood streets where drivers can become relaxed and slightly more careless. However, rollovers and pileups are much more common on the highway or freeway, where speed can turn what would have been minor accidents into fatal and life-changing events.

Types of Car Accidents

Rear-End Collision
T-Bone Collision
Head-On Collision

Car Crash Injuries

Fractured & Broken Bones
Head-On Collision
Spinal Cord Injuries
TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries)
Internal Organ Injury

Every car accident victim has a similar story: the negligent actions of another person caused them to suffer. But every car accident victim also has their own story, their own specific injuries and the ways these injuries have changed the way these victims interact with their world. Whether you were a full-time mom or a spinal cord surgeon before your accident, physical injuries can stand in the way of resuming life as you knew it.

Whether the injury is catastrophic or was called “minor,” we are here to listen to your side and fight for the compensation you deserve. We understand how something as seemingly simple as whiplash or bruising can disrupt your life. And since this wasn’t your fault, our law firm believes you shouldn’t have to suffer!